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Fire at Trane

September 15th, 2013 · No Comments

ServiceMaster is a company that has many different franchises around the world. We are one of the smaller companies and we cover a large area over Clark and Jackson counties and the Tomah area, but when disaster strikes and more help is needed we offer help to other areas that are in need. Did you know that ServiceMaster was hired to clean up the Pentagon after 9/11? ServiceMaster also has been involved with the cleanup after many hurricanes and our franchise was personally involved with cleaning up after Hurricane Ike. But right now we have some of our technicians in LaCrosse helping clean up the Trane Laboratory after they had a fire last week.

ServiceMaster has about 80 people working around the clock cleaning up the soot that traveled throughout the 400,000+ square foot building. ServiceMaster was on site with their ServiceMaster Recovery Management unit within hours of the disaster and plans to be here for possibly 6 to 8 weeks. ServiceMaster worked with Trane and developed a plan to get priority areas cleaned first so the employees of Trane could return to work as soon as possible and equipment affected could be tended to accordingly. Organizing such a large project takes experience, knowledge, and a group of employees that can be trusted and relied on.

Cleaning up after the fire at Trane

When a fire happens, the damage unfortunately does not stop where the flames went out. Soot can be easily carried long distances through duct work and other passages. One important part of cleaning up after a fire is preventing cross contamination. We try to prevent this by keeping walk ways clean, blocking off vents that can continue to carry soot, closing doors or placing up barriers, and also running air scrubbers to pick up air-born particulates. In this particular fire this is extremely important because if something is not taken care of properly the re-affected areas could be huge consequences and prevent progress towards completing the project.

SRM Semi Trailer

Regardless of the disaster ServiceMaster has the infrastructure to come to the situation prepared and help make a bad situation better. No job is too large for us to handle; our franchises are ready to work together and provide assistance to each other.

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