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Story of a Wet Basement

July 15th, 2014 · No Comments

This story below could happen to anyone and we are here for you if this ends up being you.

Jan (*fictitious name) sat down one night to watch TV in her living room when the rain started; the TV stopped working because of the storm and the power flickered many times. She decided to read a book instead and she watched the streets fill up with water and the river levels rise higher. She was quite happy sitting inside her cozy home and then eventually retired to bed for the night. When she woke in the morning it was still raining, but like usual, she got ready for work, locked up the house and left. When she got home that night she decided to get some food for dinner out of the freezer in the basement. This is when she realized that her basement had water everywhere. But where did the water come from? She checked the windows, the doors, plumbing water did not come from there. She then remembered her sump-pump in the far corner of her basement. She went over to it and the water had exceeded the pit in the floor and the pump was not working. One of the lightning strikes, power surges or the constant effort of the motor to keep up led to it failing and not keeping the water level below the floor of the basement.

Jan used her basement for various things: her sewing room, storage on the other end, spare bedrooms, and grand-children’s’ play area. Everything that was within 3 inches of the floor was soaked. Carpet was soggy, boxes were falling apart, baseboards and walls were soaking up water, and all Jan could think of was how to get rid of all the water. She called a neighbor over for some help and they realized after starting to move some things that this was going to be a very big project and that they could not do it alone. They went to the computer and typed in “flooded basement cleanup” and many things popped up. ServiceMaster of Clark and Jackson County was one of those things. She got our number and asked for our help. At this point, it was around 7:00 PM. We got a crew of technicians together and on the way to start the cleanup and prevent more damage.

When we arrived we organized a plan to get things organized and ready for the steps that were to follow. The lead technician spoke to Jan and explained that we could clean this all up for her, but she should contact her insurance company to cover her loss. Pictures were taken of the damage that had been done and to document where things were so they could go back to the same area later on. Two of the technicians went through boxes that had gotten wet and organized things to either dry or be put into new boxes. While they did that another two technicians worked on extracting water one room at a time. In this case the carpet that had gotten wet could be saved because of the quick response time. The technicians worked  efficiently to get priority things done that night. The next day a crew arrived back to continue moving contents of each room so the flooring could be taken care of accordingly. Drying equipment (air movers and dehumidifiers) was set up to ensure that every corner would become dry without anything being missed.

We met with the adjuster from Jan’s insurance company to explain what had happened and how we handled the situation and they were pleased with how things were drying and turning out.¬†After things dried a few days later, we worked with Jan to explain getting new carpet pad installed and base boards put back on. We moved things to allow a few rooms to be completed at a time. When all was done, things looked better organized than prior to the water entering her basement. Jan was thankful that we responded the same night she discovered the water and we did not let it wait until the next day. Not too many of her things were damaged beyond repair. We worked with Jan’s insurance company to make sure that we were not fully paid until she was satisfied and Jan was only responsible for her deductible to cover her loss.

This situation turned out very well and Jan had sump-pump coverage which saved her a lot of money from this loss. This could happen to anyone. We cannot promise insurance coverage for a loss to your home but will work with you regardless to help you get life back to normal. Every situation is different and the actions taken to resolve the damage will vary. We strive for customer satisfaction in your time of chaos to get things back to the way they were before.

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