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Accelerated Drying After Cleaning Carpet

October 21st, 2013 · No Comments

We get many questions in any given day about our carpet cleaning process. The number one question we get is; how long it will be before the carpet is dry? We use a high powered truck-mounted unit to apply hot-water to the carpet and extract the water and soil from the fibers of the carpet. We remove most of the water with our unit and then we use a specialized high-powered fan, called a Studebaker, to speed up the drying process.

Faster Carpet Drying- Studebaker

Studebaker Fan

For drying any surface air movement is key. Air movement agitates the water molecules which forces them to evaporate quicker and leaving the surface drier. We use the Studebaker as we go from room to room cleaning carpet and leave it running until we leave. Allowing this high powered fan run while we work promotes a faster drying time compared to other companies who do not use this piece of equipment. The Studebaker actually forces out 40 mph of air towards the floor surface that it is drying and is on wheels so it can be moved easily as we go to cover as much ground as possible before we leave.

The carpet will still remain damp for up to 24 hours but will be much drier in about 6 hours. You will notice that when we leave we will leave behind some blue foam blocks and plastic squares behind under many things; this is to prevent the moisture of the carpet from being absorbed into the furniture therefore preventing color transferring from either wood or metal back onto the carpet. These may be removed after the carpet is dry which is usually safe to do the day after we have cleaned your carpets. It is alright to walk on the carpets after they have been cleaned. Just please be careful when going from the carpet to a hard surface floor because the moisture on your shoes might make the floor slippery.

To help your carpets dry faster we recommend placing household fans in the areas that the carpets were cleaned and also turning your air conditioner or furnace on with the fan running on constant instead of auto. This will help pick up the moisture that is put into the air by the evaporation from the carpets. If you have any further questions feel free to ask when you call and schedule an appointment.


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