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Fire by Lightning: Myths & Facts

July 27th, 2018 · No Comments

Lightning Myths & Facts

It isn’t every day we walk into a fire disaster and find that the source was lightning, but it happens. In May of this year, on a Friday morning, lightning struck the ground about a quarter of a mile away from a house. It then traveled through the ground, reaching the electric and gas lines. The fire didn’t ignite for almost 48 hours. Someone driving by early Sunday morning noticed the house burning. Fortunately, the gentleman was not home and did not get hurt. He had realized Friday morning that the electricity was out. With the storm that would be normal, so he didn’t suspect anything. Point being, we cannot predict or prevent these types of things from happening. Even if mother nature doesn’t always choose to be nice to us, we can educate ourselves to be better prepared. This article has some very interesting myths and facts about lightning.

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Fire Safety

Regardless of the source of the fire, it is NEVER something that should be taken lightly. Everyone should have a fire escape plan. There are many websites that will tell you different ways to ensure your safety if ever in a fire. ServiceMaster would like to share an article that we feel is important for everyone. It provides information about:

Home Fire Prevention, Home Fire Safety Equipment, Fire Safety Planning


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