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Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services in Tomah, WI and Black River Falls, WI

ServiceMaster of Clark and Jackson County provides carpet cleaning,upholstery cleaning, floor refinishing, and more in Neillsville, Tomah, and Black River Falls, WI.

Carpet Cleaning and Area Rugs

We are carpet cleaning experts. Our trained technicians will analyze the material prior to cleaning to assess the best steps for the best results. Prior to our arrival we ask that you vacuum the areas to be cleaned so the carpet cleaning process can go as fast and as efficiently as possible. Application of cleaning solution and spot treatment is done at the beginning of each cleaning. Our technicians will use specially formulated cleaning agents to remove persistent spots. Fabric safety is a high priority to our staff. Our technicians use a state-of-the-art truck mounted unit utilizing the "hot water extraction" method to clean all carpets. After each section is cleaned we place high velocity air moverson the carpet to help facilitate the drying process, however when we leave the carpet will still be damp to the touch. With air movement from a ceiling fan or household fans the moisture will evaporate by the next day.

When spills get onto carpet the best thing to do is absorb the liquid with a dry towel and then give us a call to do a more thorough cleanup. Applying household cleaning chemicals can actually push the spot further in and possibly cause a permanent stain. Our trained technicians are experts in stain removal. With our specialized cleaning products and equipment we have great success in removing spots.

Do you have pets? In Tomah,ServiceMaster of Clark and Jackson County offers a two-step deodorizing treatmentthat eliminates most odors.

Do you want to maintain your carpetslonger? We'll apply ScotchGuard Carpet Protector after we clean your carpets. This will help protect it from new spills and allow the carpet to be cleaned easier in the future.

When it's time to get your Tomah or Black River Falls carpets cleaned, give us a call and we'll set up an appointment for an estimate.

Upholstery Cleaning

ServiceMaster of Clark and Jackson County and Tomah has trained technicians that can clean your sofas, recliners, seat cushions and throw rugs and other household fabrics. We use an upholstery cleaning method similar to our carpet cleaning process, but we use specialized equipment to take extra care and get more detailed results on your furniture and fabrics. Ask us about combining this service with your carpet cleaning appointment.

We inspect fabric types and existing conditions of your furniture. If spots are present we will choose from a variety of products and techniques to ensure their removal. Then, we utilize the appropriate cleaning agent for each surface before using our professional-strength extraction equipment. Finally, we use high velocity air movers to dry surfaces faster. Items will remain damp for approximately one day, but a household fan will help drying process go faster.

We recommend treating a spill on upholstery the same way you would treat a spill on carpet. Use a dry towel without any additional household cleaners to absorb the liquid and to avoid creating a permanent stain. We also offer ScotchGuard protective treatment for upholstery to help protect furniture from future stains and to allow new spills to be cleaned up more easily.

Are you ready to get your upholstery cleaned? Give us a call for an estimate. Remember, we can clean your furniture on the same day that we do the carpets.

General Cleaning

ServiceMaster of Clark and Jackson County and Tomah are experts in providing general residentialcleaning services. We can do a "total house cleaning", tailoring our services to meet your specific cleaning needs. We also assist homeowners dealing with specific healthcare issues.

Our general cleaning options include:

  • Dust Walls, Decor, Light Fixtures, Lampshades, Or Furniture
  • Clean Fingerprints Off Of Door frames, Switch Plates, And Woodwork
  • Vacuum Carpets And Wash Floors
  • Clean Counter Tops, Sinks, Toilets, Tubs, And Mirrors
  • Collect And Empty Trash And Recyclables
  • Clean Exterior And/Or Interior Surfaces Of Stove, Refrigerator, Microwave
  • Remove Cobwebs
  • Clean Interior Window Glass, Frames, And Sills

Floor Refinishing

Floor waxing and refinishing can be a tough job. Let ServiceMaster do it for you. First, we remove the old wax from the floor. Then, we thoroughly clean the floors before applying three coats of our durable, special anti-slip finish which will restore your floors to a clean and shiny state.

Serving Tomah, WI & Black River Falls, WI.Call ServiceMaster of Clark and Jackson Countyfor a free estimate.

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