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Change how you put things into storage

January 8th, 2016 · No Comments

We all have things that we put in storage for various reasons: seasonal needs, future use, filing, keepsakes, etc. If you are getting ready to organize your attic, basement, garage or any room of your house here is one tip from the restoration pros who end up seeing more belongings ruined that could have been saved from a few simple preventative measures. Storage rooms can be prime victims of water, smoke, mold, or pest damage. 
Tip #1: Ditch the cardboard boxes. 
In the event of a water damage where water comes from the floor any storage boxes on the floor will absorb the water and lead to wet belongings.
If you store contents in your basement and a pipe breaks from a bathroom or kitchen above, storage boxes seem to funnel the water in. 
While a fire can cause a lot of damage to a home, the soot causes more damage in the long run. Boxes do not seal and allow for smoke to travel in and everything needs to be cleaned. 
Pests can get in and eat at cloth and paper items and make it into their new home.
Organization can be messy with many different sized boxes. 
If you ever have to move boxes can only hold so much weight and can take extra time to transport. 
Solution: Plastic totes with lids are fantastic. 
They protect from water from the floor and above.
They will keep smoke off of contents in the event of a fire and most likely not need to be cleaned and only moved to a new storage container. 
They keep pests out and protects those things that you value most.
With plastic containers all the same size they can be stacked and organized very easily.
Plastic totes do not crush as easily as boxes when stacked.
When moving plastic containers can be put in an open trailer and weather does not have to ruin moving plans.
We hope this organization tip helps you rethink your next redo of your storage area. We bet that one day you will be happy that you made the switch to plastic totes that seal in your contents over using cardboard storage boxes again.

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