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Tips to Prevent Mold Growth

June 20th, 2013 · 1 Comment

Did you know?

Mold can be found everywhere both inside and out. An unpleasant odor may be associated with mold growth, but could also indicate moisture and other problems. A few key steps can be taken to prevent mold growth.

In order for mold to start growing there needs to be a few key components.

  • Stagnant air flow– enclosed areas like crawlspaces, basements and closed up/vacant buildings.
  • Moisture– water activity from flooding, leaks, condensation
  • Temperature– between 68° and 86°  is the ideal temperature for growth
  • Nutrients – non-living organic matter such as wet drywall, ceiling tiles, wood, wood products and other materials like paper and cardboard.

Air circulation is a key component to preventing mold growth. By creating air movement, the water molecules remain active and prevent growth. Basements are known for having unexpected moisture problems and by leaving a ceiling fan or household oscillating fan on constantly will prevent water from being stagnant.

If the area has high humidity, running a dehumidifier will lower the chance of mold growth as well. Some dehumidifiers can be attached to a garden hose and drain into a sump pump pit or other drain. If you chose to use a dehumidifier, please note that the air filter should be checked and changed regularly to allow it to run efficiently.

However, if you do discover mold growth give us a call so we can properly clean it up. Bleach and other cleaners may make the situation worse or cause the mold spores to go air-born. Our trained technicians can assess the situation and work with you to resolve the problem.


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